La Mer Intense Revitalizing Mask


Say Goodbye To Skin Damage with La Mer’s new Intense Revitalizing Mask. The summer heat, smog and pollution can take a toll on the skin, making us look haggard. La Mer has the perfect solution to beat the damage caused.

The beauty brand’s new Intensive Revitalizing Mask will help shield the skin against the inevitable drivers of early ageing and rejuvenate and revitalize the skin. The miracle worker contains a potent blend of antioxidants and marine actives which work together to restore the skin to its original glory, protecting it against any damage. A unique blend of ingredients rich in moisture, such as Elastic Kelp infuses the skin with skin-plumping hydration, strengthening it as the skin becomes smoother to touch. Apart from rehydrating the skin, the Lime Tea concentrate and Glacial kelp, famous for its extraordinary ability to survive in icy waters purifies and protects it from visible ageing effects. Within just eight minutes of application, the skin is visibly transformed, looking healthier and infused with a radiant glow.