Kylie Minogue – Time Bomb

With the release of her latest single ‘Timebomb’ from her upcoming greatest hits album, Kylie Minogue returns with her favorite outfit of choice of ‘le short shorts’ to compliment the video. Hawt!

Kylie’s new pulsating track is rocking hot like her ensemble, complete with a hypnotizing pulsating beat perfect for the dance floor. The single takes a few repeat listening to get you addicted, but it won’t be long before it makes it to your most wanted summer tracks.


Expect Kylie’s signature come hither vocals to draw you into the dance groove with fantastic sleek synths and strobes. Time is a ticking and we say you should check out this track and sexy video, pronto! And did we mention that Kylie’s wardrobe sizzles! That jacket, denim shorts and LBD ensemble gets our thumbs up, oh and the track too – we apologize for the hot distraction.