IOMA Physique Magnifique Bodycare Line


French skincare brand IOMA has introduced a new bodycare line called Physique Magnifique to its range of products this week. The trio of products consist of a Slimming & Contouring Gel  with a caffeine base that produces a stimulating and diuretic effect in the body to reduce the appearance of cellulite.

The formula contains guarana to penetrate the epidermis and hydrolize fat cells so fatty acids and glucose can be carried away in the blood. The Soothing Gel For Legs  revitalises tired skin, whilst smoothing imperfections using plant actives flavonoids, saponins and procyanidins to promote circulation and strengthen vascular walls. Purify Body Scrub features a honey-like texture and turns into a creamy lotion when in contact with water. The scrub includes coconut shell powder to exfoliate and cranberry seed, orange peel extract and omega 3 to provide skin with moisture and vitamins.