Hugh Jackman for Premiere of ‘The Wolverine’

In the upcoming film, the Australian actor is returning as Wolverine, a member of the X-Men. Directed by James Mangold, the latest chapter of the X-Men franchise is set in Japan and explores the background of Wolverine, as well as his tragic romance with his love interest, the late Jean Grey.

Hugh Jackman made his fourth visit to the city of Seoul in Korea for the premiere of the sixth installment in the X-Men Film series, “The Wolverine.” The actor, who made his first visit to Seoul in 2006 and his second in 2009, was appointed a goodwill ambassador for Seoul in 2009.

In the film, Wolverine struggles to cope with his immortality, after realizing everyone he loves eventually dies.

“I must admit that all along, what was most interesting about Wolverine’s character was not just his superhero strengths – the claws, the healing ability – but also the human side of him,” Jackman told reporters.

The Wolverine hunk said, “It’s a very human quality that really makes him formidable, and that’s his preserved rage. This idea that what fuels him is actually very human and what causes that is out of pain and loss, loneliness, and the burden of being who he is for the past 200 years. And so I love that conflict within him, and I love being able to explore this.”

The Wolverine will be opening in Singapore’s cinemas on the 25th of July. Don’t Miss it!