Gold Leaf Facials


Joining the ranks of facial diamond peel and caviar conditioners for hair in the field of luxurious beauty products is a 24-carat facial with promises of anti-ageing benefits to look younger and banish wrinkles.

UMO Inc., a leading provider to top spas around the world, have struck gold with their £180 (about US$360) 24K Gold Facial that combines traditional secrets with modern formulation.

Gold’s alleged cosmetic properties are well documented in historical annals. Cleopatra is believed to have slept in a gold mask every night, and the use of gold to help with skin problems dates back to ancient Roman times and the Ch’ing Dynasty in ancient Chinese medicine.

However, the natural properties of gold means that it is hard for the skin to penetrate. UMO Inc have broken through this barrier with a special solvent, and with their proprietary Gamma PGA / Nano Mist technology, the full benefits of gold sees that the skin becomes smoother, firmer – and well – possess that golden glow.