Glashütte Original Exclusive Showcase On-Board The Bounty


Moses Chan and Eliza Sam

German watchmaker, Glashutte Original, recently presented a selection of its timepieces aboard a stunning reconstruction of the famous European ship, the Bounty. On September 12, VIPs and watch connoisseurs boarded the Bounty that was docked at the Victoria Harbour in Hong Kong. On board the vessel, Glashutte Original highlighted one of its latest masterpieces, the Senator Chronometer Regulator, from its Quintessentials collection.

Celebrities Moses Chan and Eliza Sam were also in attendance at the preview session, wearing the latest timepieces by the brand. Dieter Pachner, Glashutte Original’s Vice President of Sales, welcomed the guests onto the ship and introduced them to the company’s 165-year history of watchmaking. In the evening, the VIP guests were treated to a catwalk show with models presenting the latest timepieces from the Quintessentials collection

“It is with great pleasure that we present to you the quintessence of our craft that has a long tradition and that goes hand in hand with the development of precise measuring instruments that were used both at sea and on shore. This beautifully crafted ship is a superb location to discover the art of German watchmaking and our rich heritage in manufacturing timepieces that were used for navigation and exploration purposes.” said Pachner.


The Bounty docked at the Victoria Harbour in Hong Kong


Eliza Sam with models


Moses Chan with models


Moses Chan


Dieter Pachner, Glashutte Original’s Vice President of Sales


Eliza Sam with models


The Bounty