Give Your Hair More TLC With Pantene

Almost everyone you know will have chemically treated their hair in one way or another, be it perming, coloring, or straightening. However, numerous treatments will strip your hair of its F-layer, which is a protective layer for your hair. This will result in your hair color fading faster and your curls losing their bounce earlier.

To combat this, Pantene has launched a new Color & Perm Lasting Care range. Besides utilizing their well-known Pro-V formula, this range also has a special liquid crystal shampoo system. The Liquid Crystals will form a thin film around the hair strand, thus acting as pseudo F-layer to help repair and protect the durability of your chemical treatment.

The Pantene Colour & Perm Lasting Care range of products is now available islandwide at leading supermarkets and pharmacies.

Shampoo 170ml/460ml: $4.70/$8.95

Conditioner 156ml/460ml: $4.70/$8.95

Daily Intensive Conditioner 180ml: $8.95

6-Week Colour Protect Treatment Program: $8.95