How To Get Glowing Skin?


The Face Scrub That Makes Your Skin as Glowy and Gorgeous as a Pregnant Lady’s

No pregnancy required

I had my second baby nearly four months ago, and the remaining signs of being knocked up include one thing that’s got to go (extra belly pounds—LEAVE ALREADY) and something I’m happy has stayed: that prego glow. What’s cool is the latter no longer comes with hormone-induced crying jags during ASPCA commercials, or 11:30 pm cravings for Ben & Jerry’s Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough ice cream (though, pregnant readers, the cookie dough is pasteurized, so go for it!). It’s the result of a combo of skin-care products.

#1 Purpose Gentle Cleansing Wash

This stuff is pure genius. Super-simple and way underrated, people often tout its gentleness on sensitive skin, but it does so much more: For me, at least, it deep cleans and prevents zits as well as a salicylic-acid-laced cleanser…without the salicylic acid. Plus, my husband once used it to clear up a stubborn eye stye that wouldn’t go away. (True story.)

#2 Fresh Sugar Face Polish

After I wash my face with, er, purpose, I go a round with this stuff. It keeps my 38-year-old skin cells sloughing like a teen, thanks to brown sugar and strawberry seeds…but it smells citrusy and feels delightful and rubbing it on is kinda the best part of my shower.