Fred’s Pain de Sucre Ring Collection


The FRED House’s founder, Fred Samuel, considers the new Pain de Sucre (sugerloaf) collection, a reflection of the light and sunny colors of childhood. The distinct sugarloaf cabochon shape of the stone, boasts a delectable cut which confers more flesh, more body on the gem, lending the jewel a much more sensuous look than a classical cabochon. Perhaps the most unique feature about the Pain de Sucre collection is the fact that the rings have a removable cabochon system. This offers the contemporary woman the possibility to adapt the jewel to her mood.

The ring settings, are available in three types of gold (pink, yellow and white), while there are nine different cabochons that you can clip on with an easy movement. This means the pleasure of different combinations and the joy of choice. The luminous green of chrysoprase counters the dreariness of a February morning; the yellowbrown of madeira citrine, echoes the light of the setting sun over a Rivieracity; the somber blue of topaz provides mystery on a romantic encounter.

FRED has just opened its first flagship boutique in Southeast Asia. With its modern and timeless creations, the jewelry Maison brings the charm of the French Riviera to its new boutique at The Shoppes at Marina Bay Sands, in Singapore. If you’re in the vicinity we urge you head down and check out the Pain de Sucre collection for yourself.