Dressing to Impress at the Casino

If you watch a lot of poker on TV, you would think that grunge is the normal style of dress for the casino.  Fortunately, what you see on TV is many times the exception rather than the norm.  When considering what to wear, lean more towards fashion model who turned poker pro Lacey Jones than your typical 20-something casino player.


What you wear will largely depend on whether you are going to the casino to play or party.  If you are going to play, short cocktail dresses work well accentuated with a nice pair of dressy sandals.  If you like to play a little higher, you could go with a simple gown but also consider the general crowd.  If you aren’t playing with “James Bond wannabe’s” at the table, you can probably stay away from the more formal attire.


If you are there to party, you can’t go wrong with the “little black dress” or something that is ultra-sexy.  For many of the nightclubs in casinos, they tend to let those that ooze sex appeal to the front of the line and the average dressers have to wait their turn, which could take hours.


For men, your attire will not only depend on what your doing at the casino, but also what image you want to give off.  A casual polo with slacks and nice shoes gives off an air of a professional that is there for the evening to gamble a bit.  Those that show up in designer suits or even a tux are those that want to show that they are there to play and are looking to draw the party to them.


When going to the club, you want to look like you have money.  If you show up in jeans and tennis shoes, you’re going to wait and may not get in to many of the happening clubs.  Showing up in a silk shirt and designer jeans or showing up in a nice designer shirt and slacks will cue folks in that you’re there to spend some money.


The above suggestions are just that.  Most casinos do not have an official dress code, but those in the know realize that the better you look, the better you get treated at the casinos.  Next time you go to a casino, check out who the floor men chat up and who the people are that are getting the VIP treatment.  They are usually the better dressed and by following some of the above tips, you might be one of those getting the VIP treatment on your next trip.

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