Diageo Brings Mortlach, “The Beast of Dufftown” To Singapore


Diageo has announced that Mortlach, one of the finest Single Malts to come out of Scotland, is now available in Singapore in three new expressions: Rare Old; 18-Year-Old; and 25-Year-Old. Mortlach, aimed at the global travel and the luxury and connoisseur segment, has been described by whisky connoisseurs as “The Beast of Dufftown” for its rich and powerful flavors, produced in a complicated and unique distillation process which commentators have attempted to explain as ‘2.81 Distilled’. In 1823, Mortlach was the first distillery to be built at Dufftown, one of the epicentres of Speyside whisky distilling.

Mortlach was previously only available in limited quantities but now, after decades as a Single Malt captured by blenders for use in some of the world’s finest Scotch Whisky blends, is being given its own time to shine as a high-quality, luxurious malt in its own right. Inspired by the golden age of engineering in which the liquid was born, Mortlach is presented in a striking and iconic contemporary-style bottle, which boasts strong lines and a generous decanter-style neck designed to protect and enhance the fine whisky it contains. The new Mortlach expressions retail at S$108 for the Rare Old, S$360 for the 18-Year-Old and S$1200 for the 25-Year-Old.

“The richness and authenticity of Mortlach’s heritage, along with its extraordinarily distinct flavour, is what really sets it apart. Dating back almost 200 years, it embodies the brave vision of its entrepreneurial founders, the Scottish civil engineer George Cowie and his son Dr. Alexander Cowie. They, like other likeminded Victorian ‘makers’ of that golden age, are responsible for creating the unique and astonishingly complex process of 2.81 distillation that characterises the richly flavoured whisky we know today.” said Global Brand Ambassador for Mortlach and Scotch Whisky expert, Georgie Bell.