Catrice Summer 2013 Glamazona Makeup Collection


Catrice launches Summer 2013 Glamazona Makeup Collection in June 2013 which features products with multiple animal flower prints and tropical colours.

Fashion designers are loving the exotic blossoms and untamed wildlife of the Amazon this spring. Mysterious. Extravagant. Glamorous. The Limited Edition “Glamazona” by Catrice brings the dazzling rainforest to the city. Bright and sometimes even metallic, this beauty spectacle inspires the hunting instinct of all Amazon queens. Their prey includes summer must-haves such as the Crocodile Cracker for unique nail designs with a crocodile skin appearance and the shimmering Liquid Gold Topper to conjure-up beautiful highlights on your face and body. Welcome to the metropolitan jungle by Catrice.

Glamazona Absolute Eye Colour

The eye of the tiger: an opulence of patterns, bright colours and metal looks. Embark on an exotic adventure in the tropics with the Absolute Eye Colours. Intensive colours, long durability and high coverage complemented by an animal and flower packaging that is sure to survive the urban jungle. In two bright and two metallic shades.

– C01 I Got The Flower!
– C02 Lime Heart Is Beating Like A Jungle Drum
– C03 Jungle Treasure
– C04 cARMOURflage

Glamazona Lip Colour Pen

Lipstick jungle. Turn your lips into exciting, colour-intense and glossy lip-catchers with these Colour Pens. The practical pens are easy to handle and have a soft, retractable mine – for an accurate application and glossy results without drying out.

– C01 I’m A Survivor
– C02 I Got The Flower!


Glamazona Liquid Gold Topper

Glam-zone. This Topper is reminiscent of liquid gold and is a true source of inspiration for your Amazon make-up style. The quick-drying liquid can be applied on top of eyeshadow or worn as face and body shimmer for glittering highlights. Its water-based texture has a high pigmentation to intensify any look.

– C01 Jungle Treasure

Glamazona Defining Blush

Wild blush. Two shades. One unique design. The ultra-fine powder rouge with a breathtaking relief structure is easy to blend and conjures-up a naturally fresh look. For a radiant complexion and beautiful definition on the contours of your face.

– C01 I’m A Survivor
– C02 I Got The Flower!

Glamazona Ultimate Nail Lacquer 

Urban wilderness. Trendy emerald, intensive violet, signal red and bright lime are reminiscent of the beautiful vegitation and wildlife in paradise. In addition to the ultimate long-lasting texture and coverage, the Ultimate Nail Lacquers also offer the most gorgeous colours of the rainforest.

– C01 Dirty Liana
– C02 I Got The Flower!
– C03 I’m A Survivor
– C04 Lime Heart Is Beating Like A Jungle Drum

Glamazona Crocodile Cracker

Dundee’s Manicure. Create an exciting jungle look on your nails with the Crocodile Cracker. This special-effect polish cracks open while it dries to leave behind a unique crocodile skin appearance in metallic gold on your nails. The Crocodile Cracker looks best applied on top of colour nail polish – for the look of the summer.

– C01 cARMOURflage