Buben & Zörweg Grande Infinity Featuring The Alpha 01 Pendulum Movement


Buben & Zörweg, in collaboration with Elma and clock manufacturer Erwin Sattler, has created what is perhaps the most advance watch winder technology currently available. The Grande Infinity featuring the new Buben & Zörweg proprietary pendulum movement, ‘Alpha 01’ is a true masterpiece. The Alpha 01 is a one second pendulum clock that includes a 31 day power reserve, a carbon fiber pendulum rod and a visible Graham dead-beat escapement among its main features.

To house this new creation Buben & Zörweg produced the Grande Infinity, a tall modern masterpiece with a curved design and a central transparent door that provides a clear view of the slow, precise and rhythmic measurement of time performed by the Alpha 01. At the touch of a button, two previously hidden lateral doors will automatically open, revealing a set of 20 Time Movers through a “Swing & Hide Mechanism”. Precious wristwatches can therefore be safely protected and simultaneously displayed.

The Grande Infinity also has another surprise to reveal. Hidden in the lower part of the masterpiece is a high-security VDS Class I safe that allows for an additional level of safekeeping. Inside, a set of Time Movers guarantee that automatic wristwatches will keep measuring time without interruption, even when they are safely stored inside the vault. The Buben & Zörweg Grande Infinity is a masterpiece of design, creativity and innovation, offering the discerned collector and watch aficionado an authentic and exclusive alternative.