The Best April Fool’s Day Pranks in Fashion

Every year, on this special day, people pull pranks on one another. Even fashion editors, designers, and brands have taken part in the festivities. While what they’ve done in the past weren’t exactly in the form of the not-so-funny text messages from your girl saying she’s pregnant, the jokes have still been pretty entertaining. We’ve rounded up the best for you. Here are The Best April Fool’s Day Pranks in Fashion.

Ecko offers 20% off for all fans with the logo tattooed

 Talk about brand loyalty. In April 1 of 2011, Ecko promoted a 20% discount for life for all fans who tatted one of two logos on their bodies. There’s actually a gallery on the site that shows real-life rhino supporters. Though this was a joke, the offer still stands. Better make that appointment!

The Hundreds creates a racy parody website

 Last year, The Hundreds took “The Hundreds is huge” to a completely different meaning, enlisting adult film stars Lisa Ann and Jayden James for a few videos that combined lasciviciousness with a little bit of inanity. Lisa Ann shot a racy video cut in the style of a “Mad Libs” page, while Jayden James caught a ride with The Hundreds’ crew in a huge white van… no banging happened on that bus though, just some on-the-road hijinks. Check out the site here.

Glamour said Duane Reade was selling Karl Lagerfeld Peeps candies

 It’d be pretty awesome, but also kind of weird at the same time, if there was actually a Karl Lagerfeld Peep candy.Glamour magazine joked that the “special limited-edition” treats were being sold at your local Duane Reades beside Versace Cadbury Creme Eggs and DSquared2 Easter Bunnies. Of course, it wasn’t real, but we wouldn’t be surprised if it was—Uncle Karl has had food collaborations in the past (What’s up Canderel and Diet Coke?)

Saban Brands announced Power Rangers Fragrances

 Last year, Saban Brands announced Morphume, the new Power Rangers Fragrances. “Everyone has a hidden hero inside. Our new line of fragrances will allow you to unleash it to the world. Wear the scent of your favorite Ranger’s zord or combine the fragrances to show the world your megascent.” Maybe it could’ve turned you into a real Power Ranger and you could fight crime, too. Mighty Morphine time! But fans will never know since the scent didn’t actually exist.

Lucky Magazine jokingly confirmed Tom Ford x H&M collaboration

 Remember the Tom Ford for H&M rumors? Last year, Lucky Mag reported that the collaboration had been confirmed. But alas, it was just an April Fool’s Day prank. The page read: “Happy Fashion April Fool’s!” Now, that’s just mean.

Warby Parker made eyewear for dogs, and called it Warby Barker

 Warby Parker plus dogs equals Warby Barkers. Genius, really. The eyewear purveyor made some pretty stylish glasses for pups last April Fool’s, complete with a website. Not that they would need it, but man’s bestfriend should look just as cool as man, yes? The joke is long over but you can still check out the photos here.

Diesel founder Renzo Rosso put the brand up for sale on eBay

 In a stroke of genius, Diesel founder Renzo Rosso put up his denim brand up for sale on eBay. He tweeted “Finally something nice on @eBay… office supplies and inventory included… an offer you can’t refuse… :-)).”

Apparently, some people really couldn’t refuse. According to the company, Diesel fans placed bids to save it from potential Chinese investors. Hmm. eBay removed the listing an hour later, but it was great while it lasted.