Bershka Spring/Summer 2013 “Yolo” Collection

Together with its inaugural grand opening of Bershka’s new branch in Singapore at Vivo City on 31st May, the casual fashion brand debuted their new collection of Spring/Summer 2013 called YOLO, aiming at youngsters who adhere the term “You Only Live Once”, an exciting, fun, and careless life.

Photographer Henrik Purienne took part of the S/S 2013 campaign, featuring Karolina Agniezka for Bershka, Anastasiia Akhamameteva for BSK, and Jamie Kendrick for Men collection, wearing tropical-inspired wears, summarizing the main story of the collection.

YOLO collection features fashion from head-to-toe, including dresses, accessories, and footwear, as well as menswear. These are divided under Bershka’s three lines, Bershk, BSK collection, and Mens collection.

Bershka’s Fresh Seasonembraces avant-garde collection, wrapped in sophisticated symmetrical cuts, with folks inspiration, metallic lining, and sporty deluxe garments, with details such as layers, ruffles, and pleats. Bleached denim,veiled-effect neon colors, and ethnic embroidered-pattern are the highlight. Mixed materials of metallic, nappa leather, suede and vinyl materials with iridescent shades can be found on accessories, including footwear and bags.

 For more street-style, BSK’s Urban Innocence gives a romantic, younger look with unique, cotton embroidery and 3D flower appliqués. Sets of blue tones garments were spotted and white plays a strong role in the collection, being a perfect mate to be combined with urban elements such as denims, tie-dye pattern, oversized jewelry, or with shoes range such as sporty wedges, lacy slippers, and flat sandals.