Bentley Unveils New Product Collaborations


Bentley has unveiled a selection of new product collaborations at the Paris Motor Show which are based upon partnerships with Tibaldi, Zai, Breiting and Estede.

To celebrate Bentley’s launch of the new Continental GT, Breitling for Bentley has debuted an exclusive version of its Bentley GMT chronograph which is limited to a production run of 1,000 pieces worldwide. Water resistant to 100 metres, the case is made from steel while the movement is a Breitling Calibre 47B.

Another highlight are limited edition “Zai for Bentley” skis which are newly designed for 2011. They boast a ‘stripped down’ design, are handmade in Switzerland and will be sold in 250 units.

Elsewhere you’ll find the latest extension of the partnership between Bentley and Austrian eyewear manufacturer, Estede. Their new sunglasses are made from silver palladium, 18 carat gold and platinum – with the use of platinum being described as a world first in eyewear.

Completing the line-up are two pens created by Tibaldi: the Continental Slimline and the Continental Supersports. The former is available in five colours and is offered as a fountain pen, roller ball, ball point and pencil while the latter is a roller ball. The ratio between its cap and the visible portion of the barrel is 1.618, otherwise known as the Divine Proportion.

The Paris Motor Show runs until October 17.