Bad Day At The Office

Support the Project: Bad Day At The Office

Directed By Nick Scott

If you like quirky humor you’ll definitely love this. Bad Day At The Office is the latest original short film with a world class crew about the disastrous workday of Wallace.D. Popple, and within this off-beat tale about happiness lies a twist.

The narrator chronicles Wallace’s pitiful existence in the corporate mincer against a backdrop of painful mishaps and begs the question; Is Wallace’s luckless day just desserts for a spineless existence in a job he despises?

With just 13 days remaining with a targeted goal of $3,500 in funds raised towards the production of this interesting film, we would like to call upon all you eager film fans and contributors to support the film in achieving their goal. With contributions more than $1000 you will receive credits of ‘Executive Producer’ on the film

If you want to be associated with something that is aiming for recognition in the upper echelons of the industry (with your name attached!) then please help us propel this original vision as far as we can.

 Here Is How To Be A Contributor Or Part of The Film.

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