Ultra Rich Asian Girls Reality TV Show


Wanted in Vancouver: “Ultra-Rich Asian Girls” – preferably Chinese – who are ready to flaunt their wealth and back-stab their friends on TV.

Kevin Li, a 36-year-old Chinese-Canadian television producer, has put out a casting call for a proposed reality show with a working title of “HBICtv: Ultra Rich Asian Girls.” On Sunday he released a demo video that follows three Mandarin-speaking women as they drive Lamborghinis, attend fashion shows, touch up their make-up and criticize each other on their fashion choices and plastic surgery.

Mr. Li, who works as a freelance cameraman for local TV networks and runs a video production company, said the city’s changing demographics were his inspiration after noticing the influx of wealthy immigrants from mainland China set roots in the Canadian west coast city.

“There aren’t many positive Asian representations in the media,” Mr. Li said by phone from Vancouver. “I have a chance to put a different perspective” — one he hopes will be a mash-up of “Rich Kids of Beverly Hills” and “The Kardashians.” Expect a lot of expensive handbags and catty name-calling while indulging in bottle service.

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(Photo by Kevin Li for wsj.com)