The All-Time Favorites Of The 60’s

Channeling a 60’s persona is always fun, liberating and perpetually stylish. The century of emancipation and an era where fashion was born out of love, harmony, music and a little creative madness delivered through exceptional style continues to be one of today’s biggest muses.

I am sure I am not the only one who adores the trends from the 60’s as the worlds love affair for this retro era proves most prevalent with accents from the 60’s popping up everywhere. For one thing. Twiggy’s’ favorite A-line mini dresses, pretty polka dots, bright color blocks, as well as mini dresses, peter pan collars, sheer animal prints, swing coats and round-toed maryjanes, always seem to find their way back onto the racks of leading fashion houses and into our wardrobes.

It’s about a bright future and a new beginning of the fashion era, when talking about the Swinging London and of course the plentiful youngsters after baby boomers from 60s. In reviewing some of the 2013’s trends of the new century vogue, we can reminisce about the 60s’s juvenile and neoteric past from the window of fashion.

What would we be wearing now if Mary Quant didn’t make a big hit called the mini skirt in 1964? How plain the dresses could be now without all the colorful prints spotted from the great 60s? Do we still like stripes and checkered tops and pants if André Courrèges didn’t launch his Space Age collection in that era? And it was at the 60s where our favorite term, fast fashion, became the rave.  

It was the bright genius youngsters that dominated the streets during that time, because they were the marshals who made London the hub of cool, supreme style that paved the way of the history of fashion. It’s their choice of fashion that went to London Fashion Week and it’s their style that catered the stellar designers’ wit to create suitable outfits for the young adults. Levis, the pioneer of high and authentic design definitely does the 60’s with a big bang this season & we are loving it.

Every aspect of the 60s life was basically swinging the fad. Psychedelic art and flowers were printed on the mini dresses. THE most well-known English model of that time, Twiggy, was the most iconic feature to represent 60s mod for her boyish, pixie hair cut, and skinny features. The Beatles, our all-time favorite rock “boy band”, which probably turns out to be One Direction at the moment, were indescribably influencing both music and fashion, the mop-top haircut, the suits, the shoes. Every. Single. Thing.

Now traveling back to the new century, where we are blindly anesthetized by every single design from Spring/Summer to the Fall collections, but when we take time to peel off the history behind it, the 60’s was a major influencer up till today. If you ever see this years trends full of A-line skirts, the overrated stripes and checkered pattern, the abstract psychedelic pattern, or the color blocking and bouffant hair, you have definitely hit the modern 60s jackpot.

From the illustrations above of the now-and-then trends in fashion. Can you spot the major 60’s influences?