Sovereign Elegance: Chopard Imperiale Jewelry


Chopard’s new creations for its Imperiale collection are eminently feminine, beneath an exquisite set of arabesque motifs, amethysts reveal the power and beauty of their majestic purple – the imperial colour since Byzantine times. The new pieces comprising of rings and earrings, further infuse the line with its strength of character and regal bearing.

Sophisticated, ornamental and set with precious gems, the new models in the Imperiale collection represent a sculptural development of the collection. The new “cocktail” ring features partially diamond-set 18K rose gold arabesques delicately encircling an amethyst. Another ring in the flamboyant new series, has four amethysts adorn the Imperial insignia, woven like rose gold lace on a ring – this ring is also complemented with pendant and hoop earrings, all of which are partially set with diamonds.