Snail Facial Treatments In Tokyo


We have introduced our readers to quite a few beauty care creams and lotions almost all of which were created in a lab and produced in a factory. We reckon it is time to we paid some attention to something more natural. We have recently come across a facial treatment that involves only natural ingredients that will leave your face feeling relaxed and rejuvenated like only a snail can. Indeed, we are referring the snail facial treatments that seem to be causing waves in Tokyo.

According to the salons that offer this service, letting a snail crawl all over your face is good for the skin. Apparently, the mucus left behind by the snails slows the aging of skin cells. At US$243 per hour for these slimy facials, we cannot help but ponder the merits of this regimen. We also can’t help but wonder if the snails ever try to creep into the mouths of customers…

The snails used in the facials are a special breed of African snails. So don’t go pulling snails off your backyard to let them gallivant around on your face. All that’s going to do is, make you look and feel like an imbecile. Plus you will eventually end up with a really bad bacterial infection.

(Source: Wall Street Journal)