Pevonia Releases Myoxy-Caviar Cosmetic Line


Pevonia has released its Myoxy-Caviar cosmetic line, an anti-ageing concept based on the world’s finest sturgeon.

Processed with highly advanced technology, the sturgeon combines with Pevonia’s exclusive pearl extract to offer some unique skincare benefits.

Products in the new range include Timeless Balm Cleanser, Timeless Repair Lotion and the Youth-Renew Caviar & Hand Foot Cream, however leading the way are the Timeless Repair Serum, Timeless Eye Contour and Timeless Repair Cream.

Priced at HK$2280 for 30ml, the Repair Serum is bio-microemulsified and contains a high concentration of Caviar and Escutox™ which softens and smoothes the skin.

Meanwhile the Eye Contour is similarly priced at HK$2380 for 30ml but is a rejuvenating eye contour treatment that delivers potent results.

Completing the line-up is the Repair Cream which is priced at HK$2180 for 50ml and is tri-phase homogenized cream enriched with Caviar, Pearl, and Escutox™.