Pacific Place Presents Fashion Trilogy


Lisa S in Versace

To drum up momentum for the summer season, Pacific Place collaborated with Chloe, Diane von Furstenberg and Versace to present a three-week fashion extravaganza. Cocktail receptions were held for each of the three brands, followed by star-studded fashion presentations at the mall’s Garden Court.

In attendance included celebrity models Jocelyn Luko, Mikki Yao and Lisa S, who strutted down the makeshift runway in Chloe, Diane von Furstenberg and Versace respectively, and fashionistas Qi Qi, Janet Ma, Lisa S, Cissy Wang, Irene Wang, Marie Zhuge, Joyce Lee, Crystal Kwok, Vanessa Yeung, Helen Fong, Maria and Ingrid Chen, Yolanda Choy, Ingrid Chen, Edwin Ing, Dorian Ho, Joanna Hotung, Sharie Ross Tse, Balia Chan and Charlotte Chen.

Pacific Place also invited renowned fashion designer Dorian Ho to design an iPad sleeve, available in His (black) and Her (khaki) versions. Commenting on the collaboration, Ho says: “I have been designing mainly for high-end outfits, it is my pleasure to cooperate with Pacific Place, going beyond the boundary of fashion and design an iPad sleeve for the first time.”

“Pacific Place x Dorian Ho iPad Sleeve is designed with abstract, random sketches which illustrate the essence of creativity and innovation.”


Mikki Yao in Diane von Furstenberg


QiQi at the Diane von Furstenberg cocktail reception


Marie Zhuge at the Versace cocktail reception


Joyce Lee at the Chloe cocktail reception


Jocelyn Luko in Chloe


Cissy Wang at the Chloe cocktail reception


Dorian Ho at the Diane von Furstenberg cocktail reception


Pacific Place X Dorian Ho iPad sleeves, available in black and khaki