Natalie Dormer Gets Wet For Stylist Magazine


Natalie Dormer takes a refreshing dip in the pool for her cover feature in Stylist Magazine’s April 15, 2015, issue. The British actress stars in the hit HBO series, ‘Game of Thrones’, where she plays the compelling Margaery Tyrell. In the show, Margaery has her eye set on a young king who is played by a 17-year-old in real life, compared to Natalie’s 33.

About the age difference, Natalie says, “It’s interesting that people have made such a fuss out of the age difference, but if the gender roles were reversed, it wouldn’t be commented upon in the same way. I’m just trying to do the best I can in the job I’ve been given. I was cast five years ago; I didn’t know this was going to happen in the story. And I really didn’t, because I hadn’t read the books.”