Narciso By Narciso Rodriguez


Narciso is the latest fragrance from Narciso Rodriguez, designed to capture the very essence of sensuality, elegance and modern femininity.

Designer Narciso Rodriguez once received a compliment from a man who shared: “Every time my wife puts on one of your dresses, we never leave the house.” Inspired by this statement, the avant-garde designer crafted the fragrance that celebrates the sentiment, and explains, “I wanted to create an extremely sexy fragrance that would turn a man’s head.”

While the name is undoubtedly a nod to the designer’s first name, it also represents mythology and romanticism, drawing parallels to the iconic story of Narcissus. Ultimately the fragrance celebrates passion, seduction, attraction and a love story. “The sensuality that is present in my work is due in part to my Latin heritage. I strive to celebrate women’s sexuality, her sensuality, and to do it in a graceful way, not in an overbearing way,” says Rodriguez.

The base of the scent is vetiver – traditionally used in masculine fragrances but used purposely here as a reinterpretation in the alchemy of attraction, giving the fragrance a depth and duality. The woody note is contrasted with traditional scents that encapsulate femininity – the musky heart note is softened by notes of amber; white and dark cedars meet florals like gardenia and bulgarian rose in a beautiful composition that results in a seductive, feminine fragrance that is sure to turn heads.