Moncler Gamme Rouge Spring/Summer 2016


The Moncler Gamme Rouge Spring Summer 2016 weaves sport and tradition together with a timeless vocation which possesses an abstract and metaphysical hallmark. Distinctly technical connotations combine with couture techniques while lily-of-the-valley prints and thread rébrodé or sequins enhance the garments and sneakers. Giambattista Valli has once again decided to reinvent the tenets of a sporting discipline as it measures itself against fencing. In doing so, the new collection teams the sport’s precision with decorative details that recall aristocratic elements combining baroque and rococo. It is a sporting pursuit that features allegorical allure, but here it is given a feminine interpretation with highly contemporary garments featuring Moncler’s outstanding signature technological research into materials.

Technical dentelle lace, embroidered PVC teamed with rebrodé mesh, a black and white checked print with a flocked effect on technical organza and tulle with applications that simulate floral ton-sur-ton rocaille stucco. The creative subplot is played out entirely in an overlapping patchwork effect: a sophisticated set of embroideries in which ivory white prevails, with red and black incursions. The principle underscoring the collection blends alternating geometrics with a soft effect. The volumes are clean-cut, with ample, well-defined cocoons which put the waistline, always an important and focal point, in the spotlight.

The woman conjured up by Giambattista Valli for Moncler Gamme Rouge is a fan of the suspended, lightning- fast pace of the pistes in the fencing school. With the fine blade of the foil, she sculpts the dynamics of the movement. She embarks on aesthetic challenges and unexpected contrasts without hesitation, soaring light as a feather between past and future. There is a variety of references, and the result resembles an enthralling feuilleton spanning the ages. From legendary fencer Julie d’Aubigny in the seventeenth century to the beautiful Lola Montez, who challenged a rival to a duel at the height of the romantic age, down to the more insidious yet stunning Bond Girls and US icon, C. Z. Guest.