h0tfudg3 – How Could You!?

h0tfudg3 – How Could You?


one of Singapore’s most promising young musician makes his way into stardom as he releases his hit-song, How Could You!?, into the Indie record market, via the all popular medium for all aspiring artistes – Youtube.

Inspired by famous music artiste, James blunt, John Mayor and alternative acts by Dishwalla, Lifehouse and Switchfoot.The material is a schizophrenic potpourri of introspective acoustic tunes and catchy tunes.

Peppered by gentle guitar arpeggios, and his warm voice, h0tfudg3 splices up songs that are simply pleasant for easy listening.

h0tfudg3’s lyrics takes a step into the introspective with matters close to his heart, as he shares his thoughts of love, “How could you”, and “By your side”, along with yet to be released tracks such as “Love you”…

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Copyrighted by h0tfudg3 productions © 2008