Definitions or Walk the Walk and Talk the Talk!

So say you are going to go down this path (with agent or not) – you need to know the lingo. Models, like in any industry, have words and phrases that mean the difference between you showing up to a casting for a job, or simply meeting someone in case there is a job. Gotta know the lingo!

#1 Casting/Audition

This sort of meeting is for a job that is imminent, one that you fit the description of who they are looking for to star in their ad/campaign… and they are actively looking to fit this role. You must go to this meeting with your portfolio, comp cards, and dressed appropriately. Some auditions for commercials will ask you to dress the part, so that its easier to see you in that role. Pay attention to all the details, and you just may walk away from that meeting with a paying job in your future.


#2 Go-See

This is a special kind of meeting in which there is no specific job, but you will get photographed and/or meet with someone who might think of you in the future for potential jobs. You are to “go and see” these people. Always worthwhile, but if you can’t make it, offer to reschedule. These are usually more flexible than castings. Take your portfolio and comp cards.

#3 Booker

This is the person at your agency that will secure the job for you. Is sometimes, but not always, the same thing as your agent. If the agency is large enough, there are several bookers who handle different categories: runway, print, commercial, etc… and you will see whichever one is specific to the job you were sent to. Make friends, be courteous, and be prepared. If your agent likes you and you prove to be trustworthy, guess who they are going to want to work the most with?

#4 Portfolio

Also known as your “book”. It is a large unwieldy book of photographs and tear sheets from magazines that demonstrate your modeling range and your looks. Make sure it is varied and arranged in an interesting way. Make sure it is neat and clean, and stocked with comp cards. Your book is SO IMPORTANT – i will cover it in detail in another post.


Just a small part of my collection of books from agencies around the world. Jelly?

#5 Composite Cards

A.K.A. “comp” cards. It’s a sheet with some important details on it – like your headshot on the cover, your agency name and your name on the front, then a small collage of your best photos arranged neatly on the back, along with your measurements.

When your agency starts to put one together for you, you should be a part of the creative process, and you can ask why they chose a shot over another. But be respectful of the booker’s input – they know that market better than you do. And if you still disagree, agree to try theirs and if you don’t get the response from clients that you think you should be, then try your idea. Remember: this is a collaboration, and hopefully you can start to sow the basics of a long standing, trusting business relationship.


I have mountains of these. Each are tailored to their respective markets. And long after i left these markets, i was always asked back.

#6 Model Bag

This bag will have a set of heels (pref black and/or nude) that you can slip on and walk in as if for a catwalk. It will have a nude bra and g-string, swimsuit, and any other items you think you need for a successful day of casting/work. Mine included oil blotting sheets, mattifying powder, elastic from the sewing shop (just in case you have to do a fitting and the pants are too big – you can fashion a makeshift belt out of it), safety pins (for quick tailoring), and stick on velcro (for a myriad of reasons, but i use them mostly for pinning my ears back for slick hairstyles.)

The worst thing about being a model is showing up for a casting and being unprepared, while the next girl has her heels and nude underthings comes in, impresses the client and gets selected for the job b/c she was prepared and i was not. Luck favors the prepared.


So tell me – have you heard a term in all your modeling explorations that you are unfamiliar with? Just ask me and I can cover it in a future post! You can find me on FACEBOOK, or Twitter: lindaxenia – see you next time!