Armani/Casa 2015 Collection


The underlying theme of the new Armani/Casa collection is an aesthetic embracing decadent yet essential styles and shapes inspired by an imaginary type of prince: an Eastern citizen of the world, sensitive to art and design, who expresses his cross-cultural vision with a few precise, unmistakable touches. This idea inspired Armani/Casa’s multifaceted project, which blends creativity and craftsmanship in a timeless dream of perfection, obtained by filtering the canons of oriental abstract art. Through this enchanted vision, the emotion of a cultural reference reminiscent of the Samurai transforms the meaning of everyday life, resulting in a brand new harmony.

“I was always fascinated by the subtle exchange between sensitivity and taste, which goes beyond the overly simplistic concept of “ethnic” and enables me to have a complex vision of things, filtered through a cultural passion. I try to find similarities between the East – which enchants me – and the West – to which I belong – and I like to turn these similarities into furniture and decorations, to give a touch of sophisticated depth and timeless elegance to a room.” says Giorgio Armani.

Expressing this intention and combining the concept of furniture with that of décor, Giorgio Armani developed the Armani/Casa Exclusive Textiles by Rubelli collection, featuring the use of hand looms to reproduce special weaving techniques and patterns inspired by ancient Japanese weaves. An example of this is the Jackson fabric, or the Jasaan fabric, made of silk grosgrain with an interwoven effect. A deconstructed geometric theme is expressed by the Johannesburg grosgrain fabric, and Just, a 150- knot, hand-knotted silk carpet. Pure abstraction can be found in the micro/macro pattern of the Jordan hand-knotted carpet, or in the alternation of decorations of varying proportions in the Juso fabric. New colors include jade green, ruby red and sapphire blue. Each theme also features matching decorative pillows.